"Either write something worth doing or do something worth writing."
-Benjamin Franklin

Friday, June 7, 2013

6 months in a post.

 Teaching going well-hilarious kids. I have 13 piano students, the perfect set up in my entry room for teaching, and I actually love each kid I teach. You know you are supposed to have 1-2 annoying kids, but I honestly enjoy and have fun at each lesson. They all are perfect practicers almost consistently! Maybe I got lucky, maybe it's their parents, maybe it's their motivation to the "prize jar." I'm taking it. And teaching Lizzy my niece has been such a delight!

Getting ready for recital and musical olympics. Big things coming up. 45+ people and lots of piano songs we have been mastering. It is about one week away. I'm not at all stressed for my students, but more for myself. I have to actually practice my song I'm going to perform. Ekkk. It's been weighing on my mind. I'm also making them these really cute piano bags as gifts and I think they will love them. I'll post when I'm done.

Getting ready for girls camp. Lots and lots of self-imposed work. We did a mock disaster which was a total hit, I planned the whole thing. Of course I wanted the actually use the fog machines, have more flashing lights, have everyone screaming the whole time, but I'll take what I can get. People joked about "well next year when you do it.." ha. No. Can't wait for girls camp though, will be very fun to bond with the girls and enjoy the great outdoors.

Trying to spend time with friends, balance Cami's schedule, be a good person.

North Carolina trip-so fun! We went to visit Joni and her family and it was truly a vacation! Cami did just fine on the plane ride (I can't remember so she must have). It was so great to be with family and to catch up. Joni is someone that truly treats me like a sister and has so much love. I am intimidated, in awe, and impressed by her every time we hang out. I learn so much from her. Their home is beautiful and Cami just had a fantastic time. I felt horrible though because she got this ragging cold the second day into the trip. I am convinced that we got their kids sick and I feel terrible about it. We went to the pool, BBQed, relaxed, napped, churched, visited the pond, and just enjoyed our time together.

Strawberry picking with Julene... so many spiders. But so many delicious strawberries. Strawberry jam. Yum. We went to Yankey Farms. It was my first time canning and I felt a little more authentic and a little more wise.

Trying new recipes. Mostly Giada lately. PASTA.

DC-National Archives special tour. Torrey and Justin invited us to his Induction/promotion to Major. They clear out the Archives and invite just family and friends of the officer. It was AWESOME. We stood feet away from the Constitution and the beauty and holiness of it all was pretty unforgettable. Cami of course wanted to be crazy so I couldn't hear everything as we stood in the back and tried to get her under control.

Lots of Farms. Mostly Goats feeding. C loves that.

Tutoring. Really enjoy Aashish's enthusiasm for learning. We are good buds and he is progressing A LOT. I think I could teach 6th graders. I love the innocence. Of course, he is like a brain genius and loves learning anything I throw at him, so naturally it is going to be easy. However, it reminds me of my curriculum and actually what an awesome teacher I was. (There, I said it). Am. Will be hopefully again some day.

Exercising. Well we have a gym in our garage now and I pretend to exercise on occasion. Tanner is more into the TRX stuff so I feel he might win the 4 weeks till fit contest.

Reading a lot. Where'd ya go Bernadette super interesting. Pretties super lame. Les Miserables, great when I make the time to pick it up.

Tanner--happy working, helping out a lot at home, being sleep deprived, etc. Does life ever really feel balanced? We are having troubles figuring that out.

Maybe we need to simplify but for now, I'm pretty satisfied!