"Either write something worth doing or do something worth writing."
-Benjamin Franklin

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Busch Gardens Halloween Fright Fest!

This was extremely fun. We zipped on down to BG after I taught piano on Saturday morning with free tickets my parents had given us with their passes. They ended up not being able to come, but we invited Torrey, Anne, and Justin to come on down. Cami was a bit groggy initially from napping in the car, but once she got going she didn't stop. They tried to make the park spooky, which it was, starting at about 6 pm. On our way out of the park there were men with axes wandering around, up in your face. Goblins jumping out at you, etc. However, little C didn't let them get in her head. In fact, during one portion we had to walk down this path with screaming recordings going off every few seconds. C just laughed and screamed back on the top of her lungs. That girl loves showing off her high shrill. Also, during another part there was this dance party going on, the music was booming. Cami danced for about 10 minutes straight in her stroller, moving and grooving right along with the crazy teens.

She got to ride the horses all by herself. She actually loved it until it started stopping. Then she broke down with fatigue and frustration. That was our cue to head home.