"Either write something worth doing or do something worth writing."
-Benjamin Franklin

Monday, October 7, 2013

Lipton's Hat and Mittens

Well Leslie Lipton is someone very special and close to me. She is my great friend, mentor, example, and inspiration. She has a heart of gold and will always be very dear to me, even though we are thousands of miles apart. I keep telling her to write a memoir because she has such an interesting life and strikes perfection wherever she goes. Yes she went to Yale, studied music, published her own music and traveled the world playing.  Then decided business school. Worked for the man in Hollywood, creates amazing gardens with her land, decided to teach, changed countless lives inspiring inner-city kids, etc. There is more where that came from. We were in classrooms next to each other for 2 years and she lifted me up EVERY day with her hugs and conversations. Miss our laughs and talks so very much.

Now she knits perfectly, of course. She sent Cami this adorable duo. Cami walks around waving them proudly in the air and sporting her hat. She insists I put them on at least once a week. It's 90 degrees outside, so I am sure we will get to REALLY wear them someday... maybe November! :)

Below is C's first pedi. She sat so still and was so proud they look like mine. Except mine have the same nail polish since July. She's a girl for sure!