"Either write something worth doing or do something worth writing."
-Benjamin Franklin

Sunday, December 1, 2013

California or Bust

Cami and I had SO much fun in California with our family and friends!

Los Angeles/Mission Viejo
First stop, Aubrey's house. She was the best host and best sister. We met her and Hunter at the airport after a pretty smooth flight... and went straight to my beloved Truxton's. Yum! Then we stopped by my old house like creepers and made our way in the lovely 405 traffic to Mission Viejo.

That week was full of dance/gymnastics classes where Aubrey works, lots of delicious food, a visit to see some of my old friends in LA, the park, Disneyland for 2 days with Aubs, Ami, Lauren, and Aunt Ade, visiting Uncle Bren and his wonderful family, the beach, shopping, getting my hair done by a dear friend, and of course, the Hunger Games Catching Fire Premier with Aubs. It was all so fabulous. Cami sure got spoiled with all of the non-stop partying!

Love these faces!

Hunger Games Premier! 


The adventure didn't stop. Tanner met us at LAX and we flew on up to Sacramento to visit his family for Thanksgiving! His parents have a lovely home and it was just a blast to be with them. We ate more delicious food, went to the musical The Adams Family, the Kings game with AMAZING seats, visited Keri's awesome family in Pittsburg for Thanksgiving, and just had so much fun hanging out. Cami was spoiled rotten (again) and loved hanging out with their dog Buddy and playing with all of the toys!