"Either write something worth doing or do something worth writing."
-Benjamin Franklin

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cami's 2nd Birthday Party

Okay. I think everyone knows about my little addiction to a good party. And what's a good party without good party planning? Tanner asked in a scared and aprehensive sort of way, "what's going to happen when she turns 16?" I know, I know, she's only 2. But that doesn't mean we couldn't recycle some decorations and stick a monkey on them (her favorite animal in existence) and the have an ice cream social and egg hunt right? Simple. Fun.

I think it was a total hit. My friend Valerie took some pictures and did a fabulous job.

Elijah and Ethan

Her bestie Conner

Had to wear the monkey ears

Blowing out the candles

Who's that good looking bearded man?


Egg hunting

Matching and idn't even plan it!

I blame genetics on her candy addition. Grandma!!!


Uncle Natie and C Playing

More friends!

Aunt Jen and Lincoln

Love Addie's face

Cooper. She calls him "the baby."

Ready to egg hunt

Lizzie and Gwen counting the goods

Grandma kisses

She loved all of her presents!!

Our dear best neighbor and friend Gayle 

After party recouping 

Rosefina! She is my friend who started the nonprofit with me to help Kenyan orphans kenya.kaiizen.org 

3 generations

Little after party conference watching. 

Cousin Snuggles and Secrets

Nate and Mom

AJ and Lincoln