"Either write something worth doing or do something worth writing."
-Benjamin Franklin

Thursday, May 15, 2014


“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything," said Shakespeare. It's been a fun month.

Easter Sunday

Birthday Party Fun

Tastin the Rainbow

New chalk

Queen Minnie

Me and Hope

George Meets George


Sleepy time

The VA I know and love

Goats, goats, goats

Hat preschool day

Ms. Cheryl and Cami 

Chillen with Gymnastics Friends

Yes, they give awards for everything. She's two people and can barely do a flip over the bar. But she's the champion.

Stoic Champion face

Celebratory pose.

She would climb all of the way up and observe the world. Then the other kids starting following suite...


Fairfax Splash Park

My bud during lessons

Cause We're Happy...

Our newest fam member Hope

Cherry Blossom Cruise

GQ Daddio turns like 36

We be joggin'


Our dear friend Lourdes at a Perubian Restaurante

Salchicas yummm


Besties on a bridge

Exploring the bugs.

The Rio

Botanical Gardens

Carolyn, great friend

So many kitty selfies!

Date night to the Oratorio

Finding Hiding Hope

Opera in the Outfield: The Magic Flute.

Pretty Torrey

Happy Easter


Hiding out in the fort. From snakes and bears mainly.

chocolate mania

Snake Catcher

Fundraiser for Project Kenya: Asande House Orphanage. kenya.kaiizen.org


Turned around and she had one hand painted. I kid not. 

LH: Cami's job

RH: Mom's job. Only a slight difference. Scary.