"Either write something worth doing or do something worth writing."
-Benjamin Franklin

Monday, July 8, 2013

Evans Reunion Madness

Last week we went to the Evans Reunion at Bugg Island and it was so fantastic
    • The picturesque landscape was breath-taking. We had a lake view from our air-conditioned cabin. The pines and tall trees felt seclusive and it was not too hot with hardly any bugs.
  • I had meaningful and interesting chats with almost all of my cousins. I really love and admire them. I wish we were all closer! 
  • We played played played. Cami would not stop. Not for a bloody leg after falling. Not for her mom yelling after at her. Not for anything in the world. That girl went full throttle getting into everything and loving running around the outdoors. Made me wish for more land here. 
  • Great food and fun company filled our days. We laked it up, ate it up, cracker wackered it. (More details to come) and hardly had time to lounge we were having so much fun!
  • We were in the PARADE in the 4th of July Parade! See below for details!

Here is the Parade!!! The parade was the big event. We were in the parade. Why? Not really sure. But I can tell you that it is way more appealing to be IN the parade than to be watching it. Going to shoot for that every 4th from now on. We sang out "God Bless America" songs and sounded like a lovely community choir. We held up our banners proudly, even the ones announcing "Forever Family" with a pic of the temple. We threw candy, and mostly just enjoyed walking the 100 feet of the parade in its entirety in the little country town where we were. Loved the small-town living.

    • Now for Cracker Wacker. It was Hunger Games madness. Kids forced to compete for the sake of their parent's pride. They burst out crying after they realized the game involved hitting and getting hit. They were terrified. No smiles, all serious. It was war. It was unforteuntely the most hilarious thing I have ever seen. 

Champion of Cracker Wacker

Notice the trauma victim in the background 

The adults played and things got even more violent

Uncle P Diddy with his cracker strategically placed

Agression Therapy

Survival of the Fittest