"Either write something worth doing or do something worth writing."
-Benjamin Franklin

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Girls Weekend- BYU vs UVA

My long-awaited Girls Weekend with Torrey and Anne was nothing short of rejuvenating! It really was the perfect escape. I love these girls so much, we've known each other almost 10 years! They inspire me, make me laugh, and are so fun to be around. I'm so lucky! Of course, darling Mae came along too (Torrey service dog in training). Had a great drive down with Kaeli who was meeting her hubs there. She is finishing her PHD at Yale. One beautiful, intelligent, successful, spiritual lady.

We drove down on Friday night and stayed in a hotel, walked around campus feeling young again, and ate at a divine Italian restaurant. Then we girled it up until the wee hours of the morning. The next morning they brought me BREAKFAST in BED, let me sleep in till 10 am (first time in years), and did my hair which I abhor doing. What better friends can a girl ask for? 

By the way, Charlottesville is enchanting. Gorgeous landscape, historic buildings, awesome food, friendly southern people. How do I get myself living in Charlottesville?! 

The tailgate was great BBQ and lots of mint brownies from BYU. Yes. We made bets on who would know the most people during the day. Luckily my friend and her family of 6 showed up, that with Uncle J's family and my own... combined with random people from the past, made it so I pretty much won. Played this tossing game with Nate and hung out BYUing it up.

About 20 minutes into the game they evacuated us for a huge storm. We headed for the gym and entertained ourselves for 2 hours playing the stare and scream game and Mafia.
 Everyone around us was even more bored and wanted in on our fun. We invited a few people to join. Met some new young friends. Good times. But the novelty of it all was fading fast, so we took a walk to the car, let Mae run around, met lots of friendly UVA people (we loved the culture down there!) and then thank goodness, it was back on. Not without wetness though. Half of the game I think it was raining. My dad stuck it out in the rain through the WHOLE GAME because he is true blue like that. He.was.soaked. We thought we had it, then we got cocky or something, and lost. It was sad, but girls weekend was still on so the party continued...

Pom Pom Mae!
We went to a fabulous Spanish Tapa Bar/Restaurant that was to die for. I loved my tortilla de patata, dates wrapped in bacon, and carne asada. Basically all of the food that I had forgotten I loved so much. Viva espana. 
So tired. Fell asleep at the new hotel, and then it was on to church and Monticello the next day.
The best part of the trip was when Anne went blind. We had to take Mae to church, and as a service dog, naturally we needed a blind person. I bet Anne to do it, and of course, she's the coolest, she did. She put on her dark shades, walked straight into church with the help of Mae. Then, stared straight ahead, didn't move her eyes, and didn't pick up the hymn book. She.was.blind. People kept looking and I just couldn't stop laughing. We booked it out of there before we saw people we knew and had to explain the blind situation.

Monticello was beautiful and fascinating. I want to go back and spend more time there.