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-Benjamin Franklin

Monday, September 9, 2013

OBX Family Vacation!

Well vacation is over. Boo. But so glad it happened. It was refreshing, exciting, and most of all.... relaxing. Our first stop was to visit some old friends Brittany and Chad at the Fort Lee base. He is a dentist there. Their kids are hands down, the cutest. Cami had a great time playing with Paige and Carson, and I got to squeeze sweet little Reese. Talking with the Erikson's is always enjoyable!

On a walk with the kids 

Paige helping Cami

3 hours later we arrived! The house fit 40 people quite nicely. 5 floors, an elevator, very swanky. Good thing our year's savings went into paying for it!! :) We were there on the Peterson Reunion and it was good times.

Welcome to Cape Hatteras!

the AJ and Jen Family

Matt and Ami-Cousin Besties

Cute Leah Bug

Evans Family 

Jordan Family 

Our View


Hot sistas at the beach 

Mom and Gpa

She's a very serious sand-player

Contemplating her next sand dump

Little arm-wrestling war

Dad won

That lip

Another beach day!

She loves playing with her fav Liz!

Cheese Balls make friends!

Big girl 

Pool fun at the house


Out to eat for our Anny (Always falls during a reunion!)

Worth the 1,000 dollars

Our nightly view


Watching Shark Week after a bath 

Which bow mom?

The Evans Clan

Uncle Hunter sure loves her!

The trick to getting her to settle down for pics

Director hard at work

Tanner nailed that family joke.


AJ and Jen's darling Fam

Aubs and Hunter. We miss them!

Why so serious?

My fav mom and daughter pic

So much fun with cousins! Ami's birthday 

Stephen loves babies

Never a bad photo for that girl